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Minecraft Tournament Update

The Minecraft Tournament was a huge success, and Team 116 proud to have helped them work towards their goal of feeding kids in Kenya. The kids had a lot of fun playing their game while also displaying leadership and teamwork skills.

The organization that created the event is known as Touching Heart. It was inspiring to see the level of professionalism that the children displayed when facilitating the event.

The gaming was split into two sessions. Between them, we had the opportunity to present to the kids about who we are and what we do. We talked about FIRST and how we were able to get involved in robotics. The kids were really interested in our robot, and how we built it in three months. After a couple of demonstrations, they looked ready to join the first robotics team they could find!

Team 116 looks forward to any future events Touching Heart has lined up for us.

Minecraft Tournament

This weekend, Team 116 is teaming up with Touching Heart, an organization that strives to show kids the joys of volunteering and helping others. On Saturday, January 31, we will be helping out at their Minecraft Tournament. All proceeds will go to building a sustainable food source in Kenya. The tournament will be held at George Mason University on Saturday, 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Hutchison Science Nite!

Last night our team took a trip to Hutchison Elementary School and showed kids all that STEM can offer! Partnering with the talented NovaLabs folks, the kids loved all that we had to offer, including our team robot, our square bots, an Oculus Rift, and several drones of different miniature sizes! We even reunited some previous Hutchison students with their old teachers. We look forward to participating next year and advancing our outreach program even further! See you there!




Herndon Homecoming Parade

We are excited to announce that Team 116 Epsilon Delta will be marching in the annual Herndon Homecoming Parade! Rain or shine, you’ll be seeing our light blue team shirts with Angry Nerds on them. We will also be demonstrating our robot, which can shoot a large ball to great distances. We hope to see you all there, and have a great homecoming!


Light rain it was, but that didn’t stop us.  A quick run to the team trailer to grab the canopy and the wet electronics problem was mitigated.


We had to veer left and right a bit to avoid the cobblestones, but it was a fairly smooth ride all in all.


Kids and adults alike really loved the robot. Who doesn’t love seeing things catapulted into the air?


We even got a chance to rest once in a while, but this parade moved faster than most, probably because of the light drizzle.


We got lots of great feedback from people along the route that our canopy made it really easy to spot us coming. It might just become a regular fixture in future Herndon Homecoming parades.

Rookie FLL Team Workshop in Washington, DC

Team 116 is all about helping others, especially new FIRST teams. This week, we’ll be volunteering at another FLL team workshop. This will include basic Lego Mindstorm programming, brainstorming for robot designs, and a Q/A about this year’s world class challenge! The event will be located at YMCA Capital View, 2118 Ridgecrest Ct Washington, DC, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


This event ended up being really fun, and more than enough doughnuts were consumed.


In working with a couple parents and students, there is a high probability of a new FLL team being created in the Alexandria area, and we hope they contact Team 116 for any assistance they might require.