A shipped, working robot! And next meetings

It’s certainly been a long time since this happened to 116 – our robot drove, and even manipulated game pieces, before it was shipped! Well done to the team this year, for creating a great-looking robot.

Next tasks include flight team try-outs, pit crew selection, pit display and spirit planning, and our withholding allowance projects. In addition, the Inventor team will make their award submission at the beginning of March.

Our post-build-season meetings will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7p – 10p at the robot shop.

ED v12
ED v12

Wednesday February 16

Today was a quiet day. Everyone knew exactly what had to get done and got immediately to it. We have until Tuesday to finish everything, so if you know you are under 60% you have until then to catch up your hours.

We have many people who have written that they want to try-out for the flight team. It’s time to practice for Saturday!

We also picked our roommates for the New Orleans trip. There are four people to a room. Therefore if you have over 80% and have paid you need to contact a mentor tomorrow to tell them with whom you want to share a room. With that said, the second round of fees for the trip are soon due.

Our next meeting is tomorrow February 17 from 6-10 pm.

Tuesday February 15

I am happy to say that all the sub-teams are making great progress. Some sub-teams are working on the final touches. Once you finish, we advise you ask around to help the others. FTC has a couple designs, so now it is just a matter of what works best. Everything that needs to be shipped on Saturday is sure to be ready.

In other news, everyone needs to inform the team on their shirt size. We are soon having try-outs for the flight team- all those interested in being a human player, coach, or driver needs to start practicing. Depending on progress, the try-outs are scheduled for Saturday.

Our animation team’s video is complete. Great job guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPC-3_rKQSc

The next meeting will be tomorrow, Wednesday February 16 from 6-10 pm. There will be Robotics every day this week except for Friday, so let’s make the most out of it!

Today’s Meeting

One more week!!! Things have sure come a long way since the beginning of build season and we are almost there. Please keep in mind that several subgroups are in need of some help. Make sure that if you are ever able to offer an extra hand, you talk with a sub team captain and ask if they need anything.

Additionally, don’t forget about your hours!!! Without 60% of your hours you are not a member, and without 80% you cannot attend the trips. An email was sent out today with an updated version of everyone’s hours, so make sure there are no errors in your records.

Things are really starting to come together now, but we’re going to need the entire team working as hard as they can to be successful at the competitions.

Build Progress

While still behind schedule, the team is making a tremendous effort to catch up from the 4 meetings cancelled by weather. Mobility is mounted and seems to be operational – a systems test with controls on Sun Feb 13 will bring life to our drive system. The four manipulator subgroups have progress to each their own; these groups are the most in-need of assistance! The minibot team has completed promising tests as we await from them a fully-functional unit.

As personnel from other subgroups complete their tasks, they are re-tasked to subgroups in need of help. Overall members have assumed responsibilities well and we’re looking forward to keeping the fast-paced productivity happening now!

January 30th through February 6th

This week, the team worked on making up for the lost time due to the snow days. All the subgroups made many improvements, and we now have a welded frame, a moving minibot prototype, and a functional device to pick up the game pieces.

In addition to robot news, the travel plans for the New Orleans trip are being finalized so expect a parent’s meeting about additional payments and details soon. The team has also decided on the two winning button designs. The first is the robot with crossed arms and the second is a little robot with a line about bumpers. We also might be having a FIRST Lego League visiting us on Saturday to see what we do as a team. Hopefully we’ll be inspiring enough to make them want to join the team!