Angry Nerd Test Shots

From Dave Lavery’s Facebook Page:

“A few outtakes from tests of our catapult subsystem for our entry in the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition. We spent the afternoon test firing calibration shots to evaluate the catapult configuration and get the desired loft and distance.”



Helping Local Rookie Teams

Team 116 “Epsilon Delta” welcomes two nearby rookie teams, 5243 “Wildcat Robotics” from Centerville HS and 5338 “District III” from Loudoun Academy of Science.

About a half dozen student and two mentors (from Orbital Sciences Corporation) from Team 5338 participated in our StuBots activity the day after kickoff.  They are also being helped by two other veteran teams: MetalJackets (2068) and SuperNova (4472, who won Rookie All-Star last year on Galileo).  Both students and mentors got involved, asked good questions, and provided insightful suggestions regarding how to play Aerial Assist.

On Monday January 13, Team 116 sent an envoy of three mentors (Mike Youmans, Ted Markson, Spencer Allain) and one student (Caleb Wilkinson) to help Team 5243.  What this rookie team lacked in experience, they made up for in focus, determination, and energy!  We watched their students assemble the new AndyMark KitBot with nearly no assistance (or interference as the case may be) from mentors.  Caleb was instrumental in teaching their Controls Hardware group how to hook up all those fancy electronics.  Spencer Allain was able to get their cRIO imaged and debug the one wiring mistake, and their KitBot came to life!  “Robot in 3 hours!”

Article in the Herndon Patch about the FRC 2014 Kickoff event at Herndon High School

On Saturday, Team 116—Epsilon Delta, Herndon High School’s robotics team—held its annual kickoff event and breakfast to introduce the team to the local community, and to find out just what is in store for them this year, for their annual challenge.

Team 116 is Herndon’s chapter ofFIRST, a nonprofit association that stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.”


Encrypted Rules Password

Password: 3Zones2Goals1Alliance!

For the Encrypted FRC Manual

Article on 14 years of FIRST activity by the Koca’s

From the official FIRST Tech Challenge blog … “The Koca’s – a family of FIRST Volunteers

Are you ready for Kickoff?

A couple of last minute things:

  • Wear your black team polo, if you have one
  • Download and start reading the unencrypted portions of the manual

Are you Ready for Kickoff??

In case you haven’t realized it, on Saturday, we will be having our annual kickoff event in the library at 9:00 am. Before then, you should download both the FRC administrative manual and game manual. FIRST has released a handy little app for iphone and android. Also, if you have not already done so, please sign up for STIMS through FIRST, you will need this to be able to attend all of the competitions at the end of the season. Make sure the parental consent forms are also filled out. Attached is a team roster with a list of names of students and mentors who have the forms filled out through STIMS and TIMS. If your name is not on this list, please be sure to sign up. In case there was any confusion, I’m just confirming that there will not be a meeting tonight. Make sure if you signed up to bring food to the event, you take care of it. If you or your parents have not signed up for food, please encourage your parents to email Mrs. Riddick at   Beth Riddick <> in order to sign up to bring something.
The build season is coming, beware!