Air and Scare 2014

Today at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum is the annual Air and Scare event! We’re here with our FTC team, and FRC teams ILITE and Chantilly robotics showing off our robots and here for some Halloween and science fun. Come in costume with your family for candy, and a good time. See you there!

For more info on Air and Scare visit this site:


Air and Scare was a huge success! We all had a great time in our Halloween costumes and were a huge hit with the kids who loved the squarebots, the Angry Nerd, and the hexbugs we had set up.


Some of the Air and Scare visitors playing catch with the Angry Nerd.


We also set up our squarebots mats for the visitors to try out.

It was very hectic with the over 31,000 at the event, many of which stopped by to try out our robots, so many that the Angry Nerd’s catapult actually broke and we had to improvise a new way to keep it active. We let kids role the ball into our intake system and then have the robot pass it back to them as a backup, and found that people enjoyed doing that as well.


After the robot’s catapult broke we had kids pass the ball back and forth with the robot

Overall we had a great time and can’t wait to do it all again next week when we visit the other Air and Space museum in DC for the Innovation Festival (more info here ).. but first we have a robot to fix!

Stay tuned for more updates about next week.


Herndon Homecoming Parade

We are excited to announce that Team 116 Epsilon Delta will be marching in the annual Herndon Homecoming Parade! Rain or shine, you’ll be seeing our light blue team shirts with Angry Nerds on them. We will also be demonstrating our robot, which can shoot a large ball to great distances. We hope to see you all there, and have a great homecoming!


Light rain it was, but that didn’t stop us.  A quick run to the team trailer to grab the canopy and the wet electronics problem was mitigated.


We had to veer left and right a bit to avoid the cobblestones, but it was a fairly smooth ride all in all.


Kids and adults alike really loved the robot. Who doesn’t love seeing things catapulted into the air?


We even got a chance to rest once in a while, but this parade moved faster than most, probably because of the light drizzle.


We got lots of great feedback from people along the route that our canopy made it really easy to spot us coming. It might just become a regular fixture in future Herndon Homecoming parades.