Minecraft Tournament

This weekend, Team 116 is teaming up with Touching Heart, an organization that strives to show kids the joys of volunteering and helping others. On Saturday, January 31, we will be helping out at their Minecraft Tournament. All proceeds will go to building a sustainable food source in Kenya. The tournament will be held at George Mason University on Saturday, 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Game Manual Update Ep 4: The Intrepid Investigators Face Their Own Mortality


“H̷̝͔̪̤e͙͝l͉̞̻̠̀ͅl͖̭̝̬͉̼͈̕o̱̝̩̝͕ ̘̟̳̤̫ṯ̩̥̞̲̱̖͝e҉a̰̠͉̦m̳̲ș̫͕̺̥̻!̲̜͎͔̰

The ò̢̮̬͖̘̳͘͞f̸̨̛̞̞̖̹͖̫̺̞̩̣͎̤f̷҉̶̷͚͔̖̮̤í̶̟͕̫̬̻̙̼͎cers were underneath their desks, fea̭͘ŗ̭͓̺̜ing the voice coming from nowhere yet everywhere. T̘͓̦͞hey had been there for hours.

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Game Manual Update Ep 2: The Intrepid Investigative Duo: The Second Episode Two

This biweekly installment of THE INTREPID INVESTIGATIVE DUO has arrived to kickstart your weekend! yaay! YAAAY!!!!!

Authors’ note: if you hate fun, then you can skip over the storyline we slaved over for an hour and just read the helpfully bolded/italicized/underlined bits. You uncultured swine.


“Oh just kill me now,” the investigator said wearily. “It’s another PD case.”

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Game Manual Update Ep 1: The Intrepid Investigative Duo

The Game

The crowd whispers from beyond the yellow tape of the crime scene. The police officers stand aside as the photos are being taken of the three totes on the carpet. “That’s sick, piling them all on top of each other,” one says to the other.

“Kinda impressive, though. Only one is touching the carpet!” The first police officer decides to ignore this and instead analyze the crime scene. “I mean look nothing’s supporting that stacked set! No wires, no robots, no whatever!”

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Congrats to FTC Team 519 — Epsilon Delta II

This past weekend our sister team, FTC Team 519 Epsilon Delta II, won the Inspire Award at the FTC Eastern Virginia Qualifier which means that they will be moving on to the State level. We want to congratulate them on this accomplishment and wish them the best at their next competition.

The 2015 Animation Award is up!

Thank you for everyone’s patience! We are happy to announce the new USA Animation Award which is now presented in partnership with AutomationDirect! Make sure to read the new rules posted under our 2015 Animation Competition Page.  Good luck to all the teams and make sure to contact us with any questions you have.

2015 Animation Contest Details

UPDATE: A Significant Change Is Coming!

There will be interesting changes to the Animation Competition, and details including rules will be posted no later than Saturday, January 10th!

Build Season is Under way!

The 2015 game was released this past Saturday and Epsilon Delta is well under way in the planning process.

We started the weekend off with our annual Kickoff breakfast where we enjoyed some waffles, games, and the new challenge this year, Recycle Rush!

Unnamed image (6)

Students eagerly waiting for “the big reveal”.

The next day we created our mini field and began our “Stubots” strategy planning meeting.  During this time students act as the robots in our make-shift field to help us not only better understand the rules of the game, but figure out what does or doesn’t work in it  We had lots of fun and began to break down what exactly we want our robot to be able to do.  We’re excited to see what this season will bring, and we want to give a big thank you to Team 5338 – Robo Loco for joining us and giving their input on the game as well!

Unnamed image (8)

Unnamed image (7)

Unnamed image (5)

Members act as robots in our annual Stubots meeting

Kickoff Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Kickoff! Meeting is in the HHS Library at 9! Get ready for some games, prizes, breakfast, and the NEW GAME!

The broadcast starts around 10:15 for those who can’t make it or are interested to watch.  It will be on NASA TV or at this link.