Heads Up On Grounded Encoder

“Really, Speedy? Did you have to kill her?” Straws stood over the dead body, disappointed with her partner. “And I thought I was supposed to be the dramatic one.”


“I didn’t really mean to.” Speedy replied dropping the gun. “it just felt like the right thing to do at the moment. A real dramatic ending.”

“Well now that you’ve ended her,” Straws said “Who’s going to get the snacks out of the vending machine? She was the only one who could put the money in!”

Luckily before this conversation could go much farther Bob appeared in the doorway, not surprised at the murder.

“You know those lightning rods you two put up? Well there’s been a safety notice.” with that Bob tossed a piece of crumpled paper to their feet (and the corpse). He wasn’t crazy enough to stick around much longer and risk dying.

Straws it up and read it out loud to her partner, “the lightning rod AMT103 encoder has a metal case that is electrically connected to the ground pin. Please be aware you might get zapped that R27 requires you to electrically isolate this from the robot’s frame (including plastic fasteners to mount). The encoder is isolated from the shaft-

“Wait, wait, wait. When did we get a lightning rod?” Speedy asked. “I thought we were working on Robocop.” She nudged Susie’s body and revealed yet another notice inside her hand.

“Oh, would ya’ look at that!” she said and picked up the note.

She read it to her partner, “While we’re on topic, CUI recommends ‘no more than 3 cycles of mounting & removing of the AMT top cover base, multiple cycles of this can cause fatigue and over time affect encoder performance.”

“Okay,” Straws said, “Don’t know that’s relevant, but thanks, Susie! Giving help from beyond the grave.”

Bob hasn’t died. Yet.
-Acting Ensign CIO