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It’s st̪̫̹ǫ̦̞̘̦p build day!!! Good luck w̮̗̤̟ͅr͕͇̹͕͙̤͍a͇̩p̗ping up build season AND your robot!!! Take a well deserved break before competition!!!


Hi Teams! In a few w͍͕e͕̲̯e͍͕ks you’ll see a few tweaks to the rules, as a result of Week 0 observations, the Q&A, (and hey nice tethered
rob͕̠̺͖̕o̵̰͍t! Real sweet, dudes) but not very significant changes.


You will see rule chaṇ̲̮̞g͚͡e̵͇s will be related to playoffs. Like how ties are handled, we expect that ties all the way through the Fifth Order will be
rare, but not impossible so we need ti̦̝e̳̭̭̬̕-͎͡b̧̭r̟͓̗̖eaking rules that will work in any situation. We considered some changes to the orders and such,
but ultimately we decided to use Alliance rank as a 6th order. Rank is linked to prior Alliance performance, or at least the performance of the Alliance
Captain if the tie happened in the Quarter fin̩̫̤͡a̪̬l͇s, and this seemed a reasonable, if not perfect, solution to the challenge.


We also made a t̠̤̞̱ͅwe̯̱̮̺͎̲͓͝ak to the order of Alliance play in Semi Finals to address a small inconsistency related to the planned two-field play on
Einstein at Championship. Now the fo͙̗͠u̫r̞͇̟̰̖t̤̮h ranked alliance has to switch fields more than third place.

New Su̜̮̝͓̤̕b̘̺̗͇d̳i̢v̮̰̙͖͕̬ision names have been put into the rules.

Finally, we lowered the penalty related to G6-1. We consider this a safety rule, but we recognize this may be forgotten while you all are pumped up, we
don’t want to be too mean.

😀 😀 Congratulations on making it to Stop Build Day!! 😀 😀

-Fra̬̼̞͖͓̩n͕̗̘k <3 <̨̲̤̲̪̲3̙̙̘̱̥̳̹͡͠



Section 3.1.4-Match Logistics


The officers spent their rainy days like any normal person would. Redecorating.

But their superiors always got mad. they didn’t like these long-lasting changes. They were only good with it if it was temporary. This strife meant that no
work could happen until all the furniture was back where it was originally.


The Author wants you to know that this all a simplistic metaphor for saying that Section 3.1.4 is not intended to prohibit teams, in coordination with
field Staff, from temporarily shifting the position of totes and recycling containers, if necessary, to get their robots in position for the start of the
match. However, the match will not start until field Staff have verified all totes and recycling containers are in their designated starting positions.
teams should keep in mind the requirements of G10 when getting their robots in position.



The Intrepid Investigative Duo was back in Auto Zone Court, at their favorite restaurant, G5, with their favorite band, Sam and the Womp.


The group had just finished their absolutely exquisite lunch, snappers served with rum, and pie for dessert.


They were in the lobby of the restaurant when one of the waiters pulled out a gun, shot down the band members and ran into the street only to be stopped by
a speeding car.

“Noooo!” The officers screamed in horror and grief.


Poor Bloem de Ligny. Poor Sam Ritchie. Poor Aaron Horn. A single band wiped out in an instant.


The officers were crying when they noticed something oddly familiar.

“Hey, look.” Speedy pointed to the body of Sam. “Only one Alliance band member is touching the carpet in a human player zone on the floor! And he’s the
only alliance band member touching the game elements an instrument.” This bout of deja vu brought on another round of tears, as did the bodies slumped over
the counter.


“You know what this reminds me of?” Straws asked her partner as she reached for a tissue.



“The intent of G5 is to ensure that one alliance member does not work the elements of the human player station while another alliance member feeds totes or
litter into their respective chutes.”

“Th-That . . .makes no sense.”


(THE HEAD OF TEH department yells at them for propping the chute door open)

It was the Fourth of July and the officers were stuck working in their tiny, stuffy office.


“Ugh!” Straws said for the umpteenth time. “It’s too hot!”


“Well,” her partner set her fan on the table, “Maybe you should stop complaining and actually do something about it!”


“Fine! I will.” She got up and pulled her chair over to the window.


“Hold on,” her partner stood up and tried to stop her. “You absolutely cannot open or prop the tote chute window open with any object! The head of the
department will know! And then guess what, we get fired!”


Straws gave her a look that suggested she thought the heat must have fried Speedy’s brain. “Actually we won’t.” She continued in her trek towards the

“How do you know?”


“Well, 1. We’re the main characters, we will always be in the story. B. We have been coming closer and closer to becoming all-powerful. Nothing can stop


“That’s not how you cou-”


“SSHHHHHH. I’m opening this darned window and that’s final.”

Speedy just sighed. Fine. She had at least tried. If anything bad happened it would be Straws’s fault.

Once the tote chute window had been propped open, so did the door.


There with yellow card in hand (red if egregious or repeated), was the department head.




Straws yelled back, “You know what’s also a safety hazard?!” and with that, she took her gun and pulled the trigger.

Luckily for you, the Intrepid Investigative Duo will continue. (Hahaha, Bob. I’m comin’ for ya!)
-Acting Ensign CIO