All Members, Sign Up For Shop Training!

All student members, new and old, need to sign up for shop training.  Sign up here. 

When you go to your shop training session, remember to bring a pair of shop goggles and the Emergency Care Form (here and also In the Resources tab under “Links”).

Hey New Members!

Please fill out this google form.

By filling out this form , we will know you want to be on the team and we will be able to send you team updates and important information.

Welcome to Team 116!



Team 116 Interest Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2016 Robotics interest meeting!

Last Tuesday we held our 2016 interest meeting for new members, but this year we mixed up our format. This year each of our subteams set up an interactive demo to go along with their presentations.

Each subteam was able to personally introduce themselves to the students and explain what they do for the team and what students can take away from Robotics.

Once again, thank you to all the students who came to our interest meeting! This Tuesday be sure to come to our Uncle Milo meeting at 7 PM for a hands-on building challenge!