As the preseason winds down, the team will be organizing our annual Parent’s Night and Kickoff meetings.

Parent’s Night will be the first of the final two events before our season It’s an essential part of our ongoing effort to bridge the communication and information gap that exists between members of our team and their guardians. Bring your parents so that they can learn about FIRST, your pre-season build competition, and other important aspects of our team. Parent’s Night will be next Thursday, Dec 8,from 7 – 9.

Our annual Kickoff event will be the conclusion of the pre-season, and will take place on January 7th. Every year, FIRST releases the game of the upcoming season in a special video that is live streamed to teams across the world.  We’ll be having donuts, coffee, and bagels with our team to celebrate the beginning of the new season. We hope to see you all at both events!