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New members’ interest meeting – Tuesday, Sep 20

The New Members’ Meeting will be on Tuesday, Sep 20 in the Herndon High School’s drama room!

Our team members will present topics such as,

  • Team history
  • Info about FIRST
  • Team benefits, such as scholarship opportunities
  • Philosophy and expectations
  • Our build teams and season info
  • Competitions and awards
  • Finances, spirit, travel
  • Anecdotes

Come for the pizza, stay for the robots!

Team 116 organizing meeting this Wednesday

We will be having an organizational meeting for the 2011-2012 season this Wednesday evening at 7:00-9:00pm in the robot shop. Please come prepared with ideas, comments, questions, contributions, thoughts, and creativity.

Things we need to discuss:

  • Team goals
  • Team organization
  • Officers for 2011-2012
  • Policies and expectations
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Recruiting new members
  • Fall pre-season activities and projects
  • Outreach activities
  • The shop, supplies, and materials
  • Animation team activities
  • Mid-size robotics (FTC, VEX, etc)

Scheduling update

The team’s administration is determining our summer meeting schedule – there’s many projects to complete! The remaining ones are listed below:

  1. Shop cleanup and re-organization!
  2. PoliceBot/RescueBot development
  3. Fall FLL event in DC (details TBD)
  4. Fall off-season event/scrimmage for recruiting new team members
  5. Complete mill CNC-upgrade
Continue watching the team mailing list and here for updates!

Meeting cancelled

Tonight’s meeting is cancelled. See the mailing list for our next team meeting date.

HHS Robotics at the Herndon Festival

The team brought its VEX field and outreach booth once again to the Herndon Festival! We staffed continuous games with ‘square-bots’, small, remote controlled robots for all ages. Hundreds of people saw our booth, interacted with our members, and learned about what we do as a team!

Our team members also volunteered to help staff the 5K/10K race on Sunday, June 5th.

HHS Robotics booth

Animation Team wins 1st Place for the SAIC Technology and the Arts Competition

As you may already know thanks partly/mostly to Mr. Williams, our 2011 animation was entered in the Digital Animation Category and was chosen from all the Fairfax County Public School entries for the SAIC Technology and the Arts Competition.  Nathan Smith went to the awards reception to accept a check for the team.  He was also interviewed by Channel 21 and got to talk to the animation judge, Pam Darley.  That was pretty cool because Pam has a long list of Disney animation credits in her IMDb filmography and is currently the Senior Supervisor of Visual FX at Studio Kinate in Fairfax.

This is what Pam wrote about the team animation for the award program:

“Beautiful 3D graphics are skillfully used to inform and entertain the viewer.  While the camera flies us through the universe, we are told a story of a distant civilization in peril due to global flooding.  The models for the solar system as well as those created for the architectural structures are capably designed and well executed.  Story-telling, creativity and cinematography all combine to make this a stand-out submission”

She mentioned that “she just kept coming back to our animation” and that “in addition to the creative and technical excellence it looked like the team had fun”.

Congratulations Animation Team!

– Words and media courtesy of Greg Smith

Nathan Smith accepts check on behalf Team 116 animation group at SAIC Technology and the Arts Competition 2011

Team 116 in the news

Short article about the team.

DC Regional info

Pit, flight, and scout personnel teams will meet on Thursday, Mar 24 at 6:45am. All other team members will attend school Thursday, Mar 24!

Departures for Friday and Saturday, both pit, flight, scouting and other team personnel will be  announced here and via email.

Competition update

Team 116 Bayou Match schedule


Match 5
Match 8
Match 19
Match 23
Match 28
Match 33
Match 43


Match 51
Match 57
Match 64

And the webcast link here:

Watch our Twitter feed for real time updates!

2011 T-shirts

For your viewing pleasure, the 2011 Team T-shirt image!