April 5

Today’s meeting was fairly short. Mr. Wherley ran through the list of off-season projects and made sure each has a student leader and adult mentor. All the leadership roles are full, but there is still plenty of rooms for volunteers. The square-bots still need work, so everyone should attend the next meeting on Tuesday April […]

Off Season Excitement!

Tonight the team discussed the accomplishments and weaknesses of the year. We came up with ways to get the message out to Herndon High School, participate in more events, and recruit more members. The team is encouraged to let their friends and family know about Epsilon Delta. Next year we are going to be bigger […]

A Job Well Done

The trip was a success. Team 116 was able to make it to the quarterfinals at the Bayou Regional. Despite problems with the arm and mini-bot deployment, we were able to contribute to the alliance every match. Even when behind, our team was hyped up and they spread their enthusiasm to the entire crowd. Epsilon Delta was […]

One More Week

There are still some last minute things for us to do to prepare for the trip. We need the final Bill of Materials for all teams. Also, at least one member should go to http://www.usfirst.org/ to do the checklist for the big robot- minibot is already being taken care of. As Mr. Wherley said there is […]

Wednesday February 16

Today was a quiet day. Everyone knew exactly what had to get done and got immediately to it. We have until Tuesday to finish everything, so if you know you are under 60% you have until then to catch up your hours. We have many people who have written that they want to try-out for […]

Tuesday February 15

I am happy to say that all the sub-teams are making great progress. Some sub-teams are working on the final touches. Once you finish, we advise you ask around to help the others. FTC has a couple designs, so now it is just a matter of what works best. Everything that needs to be shipped on Saturday is sure […]

Monday January 24

The team is now dividing into subgroups regularly. Each team has an inventor to display its contribution. At the next meeting we will see what everyone has come up with so far. Rising seniors have picked their classes today, so I would like everyone to look into taking Physics Engineering next year. Though they recommended […]

Saturday Meeting and FTC Competition (Annandale)

Today the Robotics team divided into subgroups and worked on their part of the FRC robot. In other news, Herndon High’s FTC group (Team 519) participated in the NOVA competition in Annandale. We started with some technical difficulties, but we overcame them. It was not enough to make it to the top so we focused […]

Thursday January 20

Today each member went back to their subteam and planned what  they were going to do for the Build Season. FTC had to focus on the Annandale competition. Then we had a 24/7 to allow the team to be up to date. Finally, after an hour, there was a CDR to go over design details […]

Saturday January 15

Every group was able to come up with a robot design and make a presentation to explain it. Afterwards the group had a PDR and the best robot design has yet to be chosen. The third rules test has been given and those who have not taken it should try to as soon as possible. […]