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Are you ready for Kickoff?

A couple of last minute things:

  • Wear your black team polo, if you have one
  • Download and start reading the unencrypted portions of the manual

Are you Ready for Kickoff??

In case you haven’t realized it, on Saturday, we will be having our annual kickoff event in the library at 9:00 am. Before then, you should download both the FRC administrative manual and game manual. FIRST has released a handy little app for iphone and android. Also, if you have not already done so, please sign up for STIMS through FIRST, you will need this to be able to attend all of the competitions at the end of the season. Make sure the parental consent forms are also filled out. Attached is a team roster with a list of names of students and mentors who have the forms filled out through STIMS and TIMS. If your name is not on this list, please be sure to sign up. In case there was any confusion, I’m just confirming that there will not be a meeting tonight. Make sure if you signed up to bring food to the event, you take care of it. If you or your parents have not signed up for food, please encourage your parents to email Mrs. Riddick at   Beth Riddick <> in order to sign up to bring something.
The build season is coming, beware!

Championship Match Schedule

Match 5 (lost 121-28)
Match 28-4:09 pm- Blue
Match 38- 5:19 pm- Blue

Match 56-9:51 am-Blue
Match 83-2:20 pm- Red
Match 100- 4:23 pm-Blue

Match 117-8:22 am- Red
Match 133-10:14 am-Red (we are on Newton)



As most teams know, it was not possible to include a computer animation award in this year’s FRC program.  Rather than let this aspect of the FRC experience die out, a group of team self-organized and created a community-based computer animation award effort for this year.  Led by Team 116, these teams created the “Underground Society of Animators” (USA), and established a the “USA Awards for Excellence in Animation.”

Two awards will be presented at the FRC Championships to the animators this year. One award will be presented for technical execution and quality of the animation, and the second will be presented for artistry and creativity. The technical execution award will focus on the overall quality of the animation, the effective use of the animator’s tools, and the professionalism of their technique.  This award will be selected by a panel of professional animators, artists, film-makers, and SFX professionals from organizations such as Disney, Pixar, White Dwarf Productions, Tom Ruegger Productions, etc. The creativity award will focus on the overall artistry and effectiveness of the animation, along with the surprise / “wow” factor associated with the story.  This award will be selected by the community of FIRST robotics community as a whole, via a “one-vote-per-team” process.

This is where you come in.

The USA awards process needs your participation!  We are asking FIRST teams go to to review at all the submissions and vote on the one they believe is the most creative. The review process is quick – it only takes about 35 minutes to review the judging criteria and view all the entries.  After that, cast your vote!  Each team only has one vote, so choose wisely.

More information is available at the top of that website under the “Official Rules” tab.  The deadline for voting is April 15th. If you have any questions or comments regarding the voting process, please contact us at

Watch the Raleigh competition Live!

These are links to Youtube to watch the team compete in North Carolina – LIVE!

Friday matches –

Saturday matches –

(Thanks Ted for finding this info)

Just over 2 hours left to submit for animation Award

We have a number of very good submissions thus far!  The following teams have submitted: 20, 75, 103, 111, 128, 166, 178, 201, 230, 281, 456, 503, 525, 811, 1504, 1625, 1671, 4213, 4296

Keep the submissions coming!

18 hours left for Animation Submission

These teams have already submitted …20, 75, 103, 111, 128, 166, 178, 201, 230, 281, 456, 503, 525, 811, 1504, 1671, 4213, 4296

Keep the submissions coming!

Animation Deadline Extended!

Also, considering the delay in our submission process and the fact there are some teams that have to be at competitions this weekend, we have extended the deadline for entries.

The final due date is now Monday, March 4, 2013 at 5:00pm EST.

Animation Submission Page is Ready!

For this year, we ran into technical difficulties when trying to enable the upload of such large files to accomodate the video files.  So, please first upload your video to YouTube, then head over to our submission page to send us all the particulars, to include the URL of your YouTube submission.  Then, if you would like to send us the full version, please use something like YouSendIt to email it to us at

Animation Submission status

All, we ran into a last minute snafu with a timeout issue uploading large files during submission during testing … stay tuned – we hope to fix tonight!