Thursday Jan 27 CANCELED

Due to weather, FCPS has closed schools for Thursday. The next team meeting is this Saturday, Jan 29. Subgroups should do any extra design work before the weekend meeting. Submit purchase orders and remaining CDR materials ASAP!

Team Update #5 Released

Team Update #5 Updates were made to these sections / rules: 2.2.8 Player stations <G19>, <G21> <R14>, <R22>, <R33>, <R45-D>, <R46>, <R60>, <R92>, <R103> Kit of Parts

Thursday January 20

Today each member went back to their subteam and planned what  they were going to do for the Build Season. FTC had to focus on the Annandale competition. Then we had a 24/7 to allow the team to be up to date. Finally, after an hour, there was a CDR to go over design details …

Saturday January 15

Every group was able to come up with a robot design and make a presentation to explain it. Afterwards the group had a PDR and the best robot design has yet to be chosen. The third rules test has been given and those who have not taken it should try to as soon as possible. …

Thursday January 13th

Today we discussed our ideas from Tuesday’s meeting and attempted to narrow them down to one functional idea per group. Our next meeting is Saturday January 15th from 8am-4pm. At this meeting, we will have a few hours to finalize PDR presentations. After which we’ll make our presentations before and after lunch. Then split into functional subgroups …

After school and Evening Activities Canceled Tuesday January 11

Due to the snow, all after school and evening FCPS activities are canceled for today. Barring any additional snow days or cancelations, the PDR planning meeting and the second rules test will be on Thursday January 13th from 6-10, and PDR presentation will be this Saturday.

Monday January 10th

Today was our first Monday meeting of the build season! The team took the first of three possible rules tests. If you didn’t pass the test today or were not able to attend the meeting, the second test will be given tomorrow and will cover material from The Arena Chapter, The Game Chapter, and The …

FIRST Design video

Here’s a simple, descriptive video of a ‘Design process’, hosted by Grant Imahara, part of a soon-to-be video series. In the episode, Grant describes the steps used by Team 111 Wildstang to design, model, and fabricate their 2007 robot’s end effector. This is a great introduction to a FIRST build season! FIRST Design (part 1) …

FIRST FRC Kickoff!

Kickoff is scheduled for 09:00, January 8 in the HHS Lecture Hall. Students are expected to attend and mentors are encouraged. This is an open event – parents, siblings, school administrators, and all others are welcome too! Light breakfast will be provided by team members. For those coming to the DC kickoff event, please be …

Game hints

The second game hint was released on Tuesday, January 4. Find both at this page: And the Chief Delphi discussion of the second hint here: