As discussed in several meetings, Autodesk has allowed our team access to several student editions of there programs. These editions are fully functional and have proven to be quite useful throughout build season. Anyone who does not have access to these programs (especially 3ds MAX and AutoCAD Inventor Professional Suite 2011)  should definitely take advantage of this opportunity now.

To get a copy of these programs you will have to first create a student account with Autodesk. To do that please do not click anything on their website, but rather follow this link. This will verify that you are a member of this team, which will eliminate one of the steps of the process.

From there just fill out the form with your information and complete the account setup.

Then you can go to: and pick through plenty of valuable programs and download as you please, but remember you can only download two of the same program so pick wisely which computers you want the programs on.

If you have any questions leave a comment or just shoot an email to Matt

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