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DC Regional – Mar 29 and 30 – See 116 compete!

Here is our match schedule for Friday and Saturday:

Friday (Mar 29)

09-Q 116 4242 1849 709 1731 2121 10:19am
16-Q   4456 1446 116 138 611 2974 11:15am
26-Q  2186 2630 1123 116 4464 422 1:53pm
36-Q 623 79 4137 116 1915 2630 3:13pm
45-Q  1195 2377 614 4466 612 116 4:25pm
50-Q  2912 4466 1735 166 3941 116 5:05pm

Saturday (Mar 30)

59-Q  116 686 2642 166 1522 2849 9:32am
77-Q  2914 2900 383 709 2534 116 11:56am
84-Q  1719 620 116 1389 2963 2961 11:41am


The robot is working well, and the few problems we had were quickly fixed.  During our practice matches today, it seems like things were really finally coming together.  In some of the practice matches, we scored 38, 46, and 58 points all by ourselves.  We actually left the pits early tonight, because there was nothing left to fix, and nothing to work on!  If we can keep that up, tomorrow should be pretty interesting.

Watch the Raleigh competition Live!

These are links to Youtube to watch the team compete in North Carolina – LIVE!

Friday matches –

Saturday matches –

(Thanks Ted for finding this info)

DC Regional info

Pit, flight, and scout personnel teams will meet on Thursday, Mar 24 at 6:45am. All other team members will attend school Thursday, Mar 24!

Departures for Friday and Saturday, both pit, flight, scouting and other team personnel will be  announced here and via email.

A Job Well Done

The trip was a success. Team 116 was able to make it to the quarterfinals at the Bayou Regional. Despite problems with the arm and mini-bot deployment, we were able to contribute to the alliance every match. Even when behind, our team was hyped up and they spread their enthusiasm to the entire crowd. Epsilon Delta was awarded the Creativity Award for the signaling system. Next week is the D.C. Regional, so keep it up! It is an open event so encourage your family and friends to come watch the event.

After the match on Friday the team went out for a night out in the French Quarters and had a splendid time at the Haunted History Tour and Cafe du Monde.

There will be a meeting tomorrow Monday March 21 from 7-10 p.m.

Competition update

Team 116 Bayou Match schedule


Match 5
Match 8
Match 19
Match 23
Match 28
Match 33
Match 43


Match 51
Match 57
Match 64

And the webcast link here:

Watch our Twitter feed for real time updates!

One More Week

There are still some last minute things for us to do to prepare for the trip. We need the final Bill of Materials for all teams. Also, at least one member should go to to do the checklist for the big robot- minibot is already being taken care of.

As Mr. Wherley said there is always something to do, so ask around when you are idle. Minibot teams is working on building copies and deployment needs to assemble their system to the frame. We also need people to think of the Pit layout. Remember that space is limited.

By Thursday every team should start getting together a tool kit to bring to the competition.  Minibot team members need to start learning every single circuit and assemblage required to build it because our sub-team is going without any mentors. This is very important.

In other news, the Chairman’s Video group is meeting tomorrow afternoon to plan. Ideas are welcome. Our next meeting is Thursday March 10 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.