On the road to Oxen Hill

We’re packed for Oxen Hill competition and on our way to unload at the venue tonight! We’ll setup the Pit in preparation for matches tomorrow, which start after opening ceremonies […]

2016 Animation Award

Team 116 and the Underground Society of Animators (USA) have handed over the reigns of the animation competition to AutomationDirect, where it is now officially known as the Dave Lavery Animation […]

FTC 519 Advances to Virginia States

For the TL;DR people, the short story is that Epsilon Delta Too, Herndon High School FTC Team 519 is advancing to the Virginia State competition, because of winning the first […]

DC Regional Recap — Regional Finalists!

For those who haven’t heard yet, this past weekend Epsilon Delta competed at the Greater DC Regional where we competed with 47 other FRC teams from all over (even as […]

Orlando Regional Recap

This past weekend Epsilon Delta competed at the FRC Orlando Regional hosted at the University of Central Florida, and although the over 26 hours of bus riding was a bit tiresome […]

Team 116 Competes at IROC

Yesterday Epsilon Delta attended  Team 1885 ILITE Robotics’ IROC Offseason Competition.  We had a blast taking our 2014 season robot for a final spin, and also got to share the […]

Championship Match Schedule

Thursday: Match 5 (lost 121-28) Match 28-4:09 pm- Blue Match 38- 5:19 pm- Blue Friday: Match 56-9:51 am-Blue Match 83-2:20 pm- Red Match 100- 4:23 pm-Blue Saturday: Match 117-8:22 am- […]